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About Agnes


Agnes, born and raised in Detroit, was interested in art as a child.   She was encouraged by her family and grade school teachers to participate in city wide art competitions. She received an honorable mention award in grade school and her interest in art continued during her high school years.  

In college she focused her studies on fine art and art history and received her Bachelor Degree in Art from The University of Detroit and a Master Degree from University of Chicago. 

Agnes worked in museums and art galleries for several years and decided to start making art again.  She initially took a variety of art classes at the Pacific Art League and the Palo Alto Cultural Center where studied with talented teachers and met many artists.


She found her voice as a representational artist working in oils in her signature impressionistic painting style. Agnes  joined a small group of plein air artists who met at the baylands and began painting landscapes.   Unlike her favorite artist John Singer Sargent, Agnes thoroughly enjoys painting big skies and moody landscapes.


Agnes primarily paints from life.  She sets up her easels, puts up her sun umbrella and paints her landscapes from a variety of locations on the peninsula.  Agnes also has a studio in the Citadel Art building in San Jose where she paints from field sketches and photos. In addition to landscapes, Agnes paints still life subjects.  She is a colorist and paints whatever colorful object interests her.  Some of her favorite subjects are shoes, fruit, flowers and musical interests.  She also is a birder and occasionally paints small oil and watercolor sketches of local birds.